BlackMart APK Crash [FIXED]

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

BlackMart APK Crash

BlackMart APK Crash: Unfortunately, our reliance on blackmart apps in a modern age also means that problems arise when the Blackmart apk crash stops working on your device. Although it is a rare easy & problem, it can occur from time to time and for various reasons.

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Without the Blackmart apk crash up and running on your phone, you won’t be able to download new apps, view new games, and receive updates. It can be a real and decent pain, and often the cause of your Blackmart apk crash problems is left quite confusing.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up our best possible solutions to fix the Blackmart apk crash right here in this handy guide. So next time you can’t get the Blackmart apk crash to charge your Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, or any other phone, here are the steps to fix your problem. Let’s take a look!



When it comes to something as easily complicated as the Play Store, you must try to determine what is wrong with your device precisely. The Blackmart apk crash can have several different error messages, and they don’t all mean the same thing.

Although there is not a complete list of all error messages displayed on Android, here are some popular and possible messages that can display the Play Store, along with their specific meaning.

  • Offline: Usually, this means that your phone or tablet does not currently have an internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data. The best way to always fix this is to check the router or try disabling Wi-Fi on the device to see if the problem originates with the ISP. If you have mobile data, try loading a web page on your phone; Your service provider may be experiencing technical difficulties, or your mobile phone data may be disabled on your device.
  • Failed to retrieve information from a server. RPC: S-7: AEC-0]: This error seems to arise from the incorrect introduction of something in the device. Therefore, it causes the Google server to make a mistake and have difficulties communicating between the device and the Play Store. We will discuss how to fix this below.
  • Could not download due to an error: This message always appears together with a hard-coded error number, with multiple errors being the most uses common code appearances. Four hundred ninety-two are refers to a problem with your device’s cache, while 927 often refers to a trial or error with your account information. Solutions to both issues include in the guide below.
  • Connection timeout: This can refer to any number of problems connecting your phone to the Play Store, but typically, the same methods of fixing the errors above will also specify any connection timeout.

If your error or error code is not listed above, don’t worry; for the most part, these types of problems with Google Play follow the same kinds of troubleshooting methods and procedures to resolve them.

We will start with some necessary steps with Google Play first before moving on to the details of the Android and Blackmart apk crash settings. Once you’re ready to troubleshoot your phone, go to the next guide.


The good news: there are hundreds of solutions to fix your connection to the Play Store, although not all of them are 24/7 guaranteed to work.

Connection issues through the Blackmart apk crash are almost always a temporary issue, so trying to fix some of the above problems and giving the store time to reset is usually the best way to resolve your issues. And if that doesn’t work, you always have to empty the cache and reset the device.

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